Hi! I'm Rylee.

After using Reiki and EFT to greatly reduce my own symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, carpal tunnel, and lots more, I turned my focus to helping other humans and the entire animal kingdom.

I use a special blend of Reiki and proxy/surrogate EFT in all my group sessions. ♡

All of my group offerings are not offered on zoom or other video platform. You (or your pet) simply receive the energy as I am sending it at the scheduled time.



Grief for Animal Loss Group Reiki + Proxy EFT Session

Grief for Animal Loss Group Reiki + Proxy EFT Session

General Human Reiki + Proxy EFT Group Session

General Human Reiki + Proxy EFT Group Session

General Animal Reiki + Proxy EFT Group Session

General Animal Reiki + Proxy EFT Group Session

End of Life Group Animal Reiki + Proxy EFT Session

End of Life Group Animal Reiki + Proxy EFT Session

most popular FAQs


What happens after I order? You will receive a confirmation email with the time + date of the session. Other than that, you just need to make sure either you or your furbaby (which ever the session is for) has access to water during and after the session. If the session is for you, I would try to be laying down relaxing if possible.

What sessions are for humans? The General Human Group Reiki + Proxy EFT Sessions and Grief for Animal Loss Group Reiki + Proxy EFT Sessions are for humans.

What sessions are for animals? The Animal Reiki + Proxy EFT Group Sessions and End of Life Animal Reiki + Proxy EFT Group Sessions are for your furbabies.

Do we connect by phone or video at the time of the session? No, there is no need to connect by phone or video. I find that it takes away my focus more than anything (and also doesn't make the healing more effective). You and/or your pet will stay in the comfort of their home during the session, and I will be in the comfort of my home during the session.

What is EFT? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is based on the premise that all negative emotions come from a disruption in the body's energy system. By returning the body's energy flow to normal, we clear the channels for complete harmony. EFT works the same way acupuncture does, by stimulating meridian points, but instead of needles, you use your fingertips!

What is proxy (or surrogate) EFT?  Proxy EFT is the process of using regular Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping) to tap on other people's matters instead of your own. It works because we are all energetically connected.

Can I book a session for somebody else? No, unless they are your child (or pet of course), or if they are incapacitated and you are their caretaker.

Do I need to do anything for my pet during or after the session? Please make sure you have plenty of water available during and after the session, but other than that, just relax! Your pet will receive the Reiki at the time of the session whether they are eating, playing, sleeping, etc.​

How will my pet respond to the session? Some pets will respond by relaxing or sleeping during the session, but some may still want to play or do their normal routine. Either way is perfect.

How will I respond to a session? Sometimes I hear reports of headaches, tiredness, or mild stomach aches. Releasing in the form of crying has also definitely been reported. Most of the time people report just feeling relaxed and peaceful during and after the sessions. All responses are completely normal and depends on how much you release at a given time.



Dog Enjoying Campfire

Maria V., Memphis, TN

Bailey [her dog] slept peacefully throughout the whole session. Any moments she is not in pain I am happy. THANK YOU.


Paul M., San Diego, CA

My heart told me to choose you as my reiki healer and now I know exactly why.  I'm still in awe  of how much emotion was released. I feel like I'm looking at the world through new eyes. 

Image by Clever Visuals

Cynthia J., Boston, MA

"thank you so much rylee. I have tears in my eyes that was so powerful. I'll be booking again ASAP." 


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