Rylee Lindgren

An intuitive healer and self-love coach living her dharma to spread love and elevate vibrations to new heights. 

My name is Rylee and I am a intuitive reiki healer and certified Law of Attraction coach specializing in LOVE! I was lucky enough to meet my soulmate, Zack, when we were both 18 and we've been loving up a storm ever since. He is everything I dreamed about and so much more. I didn't know it at the time, but I manifested the crap out of him. Before I met him, whenever I caught the clock at 11:11, I always made a wish that I would fall in love with a kind-hearted and loyal guy. I didn't just make the wish either, I felt the love already. I still remember at times I would have chills vibrate through me imagining being in love. Who knew the universe heard me and was in the process of bringing my soulmate/life partner/my heart for me to meet in college?

Here is some of our journey together. I wish I was better at capturing photos when I was younger since it would be so cute to have photos of us in our young love, but I guess I was too busy loving the hell out of my life. ❤️

Here we are on our wedding night (along with our kitty, Mama)


























Meeting our favorite musician ever, Jeff Tweedy from Wilco.


















& more recently:








I love this man with my whole heart and soul and am so grateful for him coming into my life and loving and supporting me. We will work together to attract this pure sacred love too.

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