25 Quickie Ways to Instantly Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Mar 8

When our vibrations are higher, our manifestations come quicker.

1) Go outside- breathe in that fresh air and instantly

2) Receive Reiki (you knew we had to put this in there, right? ;) but in all seriousness, it is one of the fastest ways to boost your wonderful vibration to new heights

3) Focus on a loved one

4) Practice some EFT (emotional freedom technique)

5) Orgasm

6) Meditate

7) Chant

8) Kundalini yoga

9) Drink some water

10) Walk barefoot outside

11) Eat/drink some greens

12) Quit the alcohol (or at least take a b)

13) Watch funny videos

14) Pet an animal

15) Dance

16) Hold a crystal at your heart

17) Drink some probiotics

18) Take a bath (or soak your feet)

19) Use essential oils

20) Recite affirmations

21) Sing

22) Light a soy candle

23) Garden

24) Practice ho’oponopono

25) Sound healing

+ 2 extra because I love you

26) Smudge yourself and your environment

27) Cut energy strands


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